When Tipping in Slotting is a Must

Slotting etiquette is equally important in casinos, not just winning. In fact, it is part of winning. And etiquette is often connected to toking or tipping in slotting.

Etiquette is part of being a good player. We need to project a professional image in the house. Anyway, we don't have to tip every casino employee except two - the attendant and the waitress. Drinks may sometimes be offered on the house, but tipping the waitress is expected of us. But it's a bit different when we're talking of tipping in slotting.

Attendants are tipped on only selected occasions. If we have a personal need of the attendant, then we are obligated to tip the attendant - tipping in slotting is a must here. But if the attendant does something for us out of a necessity that the casino should be extending to us, then there's no need for tipping here. However, it doesn't necessarily follow that we shouldn't tip the attendant. Tipping in slotting in this case is voluntary.

For instance, the machine jammed and a slot attendant that happened to pass by stopped and fixed it for us. There's no need for tipping in slotting here. Or, if we hit a big win at the slots and a slot attendant happens to pass or be standing by, there's no need for tipping in slotting either. But in the case when the hit win is too big for the machine to payout and the slot attendant has to hand pay us personally, then tipping in slotting is needed.

By the way, a hand pay for a big win or jackpot amount is confirmed by the slot attendant and the same will count the winnings in front of us. In really hefty jackpot wins, like a progressive jackpot, the slot attendant would even do the tax requirements and paper works for us so we may continue the play if we want to. We understand the trouble the attendant would go through with this, and tipping in slotting is necessary here. The attendant would usually exhibit extra ordinary politeness in this.

In case more than one attendant is involved in a hand pay, the last attendant to act and actually hand us the pay gets benefitted by tipping in slotting, which is usually one percent of the winnings. It depends on the receiving attendant if the tip would be shared with others.

Tipping in slotting is an important gesture of professionalism in the casino.