Ways to Find Those Loose Slots in Casinos

Locating the better paying slot machines or loose slots in casinos is kind of hard to do. You need to do some kind of detective work coupled with some patience on your part.

When you saw an advertisement sign that says "98% payback", it literally means a loose slot, but it doesn't mean that in every $100 you invest, you will gain back $98. That 98% payback is for a long term period, which can mean millions of spins. But if you are only playing for a short time period at the slot machine, one of these could happen to you, hit the jackpot or lose all your money.

In any casino floor, loose slots are very few and they are present for two main reasons. One, that casinos will not be accused of false advertisement especially if their sign says "98% Slots". And two, loose slots are good for their business because happy slot machine winners will create excitement on the floor. One thing is for sure, only the slot manager has the knowledge about where the loose slots are located and of course, he won't tell anyone about it.

Here are some ways that you can sniff out those loose slots in the casino floor:

- Select a slot machine to play that is very visible from any direction in the casino. It is a good assumption that loose slots are located in these highly visible places because when someone wins at the slot machine, many people at the casino will see the event and will become the center of attraction.

- You can ask the change persons about loose slots because that they have been around those slot machines for many hours already. They may already have an idea about which slot machines is high paying and giving some tip to them can may give you good karma in the end.

- Befriending the regulars and locals at the casino will benefit you. You can find out from them about the slot machines that they like to play and chances are, these people may know which of the slot machines are loose slots.

- Search for the slot machine winners. Not only those who recently get the jackpot but also those who have bucketful of coins. If they have been winning at the slot machine in a slow and steady pace, that slot machine may be a loose slot. Once the slot machine becomes available, grab that opportunity to win money.

Loose slots may be hard to find but with some effort in finding them amidst the hundreds of slot machines in casinos, your effort will not be worthless after all once you find what you are looking for.